Centre Philosophy

Early Childhood is a time that few of us can recall but our learning, experiences and relationships from then help to shape the rest of our lives. It is a time of wonder and new beginnings where children should have the freedom to explore, investigate, discover and learn about the amazing world around them with little restraint. Their uniqueness and individuality should be encouraged and nurtured, helping them to become independent learners and thinkers. Opportunities need to be given for them to build stable, loving relationships which support their development and enhance their socialisation.

In our centre we believe we as early childhood educators can best do this by providing a “home away from home”. We believe that by providing a safe, nurturing and healthy environment with consistent staff and working collaboratively with our families and local community this can be achieved.

As we value the individuality of the child, we also acknowledge and value the individuality of our families and the community. We respect that there will be varied traditions, ethnicities, religions, genders, values and experiences that need to be incorporated into the centre to encourage family and community unity.

We believe that the best way for children to learn is through play. We believe that play not only helps to develop children’s learning but also helps promote their desire to learn, focussing on the process rather than the outcome. Through active play, spontaneous play and voluntary play based on the child’s intrinsic needs, interests and logic we start to build the foundations of learning.

As part of our play based curriculum we aim to teach all children about tolerance, respect and understanding for others. We encourage all who enter our centre to have the self-assurance and belief in being able to discourage bias and discrimination. We also recognise that our staff are a valuable resource in achieving this and aim to provide a safe and satisfying work environment, where staff and families are in partnership to provide for the best interests of each child. We welcome all families to our centre and look forward to sharing those special moments and memories with your family as you become part of ours!

Free the child’s potential and you will transform them into the world.