About Our Centre

Park Ridge Childcare & Preschool opened in February, 1993 and was immediately recognised as being ‘something different’ in childcare.  The original owners and Licensees had no previous experience in the childcare industry and therefore approached all matters without any preconceived ideas.  Using the regulations as a guide to minimum standards rather than as a  set of goals,  they went about setting up the Centre.  In April 2008, adopting these same standards, Sam and Pauline Feng became the new Licensees. 

Staff were selected not only on their qualifications, but on whether the licensees would entrust their own children to their care.

An ‘all inclusive’ fee policy was adopted to maximise convenience to clients and to ensure that the highest standards could be maintained.  Thus, all meals are provided by the Centre, as is a full linen and nappy service.  Sunscreen is provided to all children.  Regular educational programs and entertainment is provided from outside sources to supplement and enhance the programs initiated in the Centre.  Regular excursions for the various age groups take place.

The Centre is situated on 2.5 acres of land so children have the space to explore, experiment and absorb experiences at their own pace.    Children may start flower and vegetable gardens,  ride bikes,  trikes and scooters,  construct ‘cubbies’,  brave the flying fox or enjoy a picnic under the trees.  These experiences greatly enhance a child’s physical co-ordination and stimulate mental activity.

The aim has been to create a Centre which ‘feels’ like a home, with easy communication between staff, children and parents.  Where a child’s abilities are extended and his/her horizons enhanced. Where ‘new’ experiences can be absorbed safely and where life’s early challenges are met and overcome naturally and at a child’s own pace.  We want parents to feel totally involved with their child’s activities here and to be able to discuss all matters freely and with the confidence that can only come when dealing with a competent, professional team.

Our Learning Environments

The Centre is licensed for 65 children. The following minimum staff / children ratios for each group apply              

Room Staff Ratio
Babies 6 wks - 2 yrs8 places Qualified Group Leader & Assistant 1:4
Toddlers 2 yrs - 3 yrs12 places Qualified Group Leader & Assistant 1:5
Kindy 3 yrs - 4 yrs21 places Qualified Group Leader & Assistant 1:11
Preschool 3 yrs - 5 yrs24 places Qualified Preschool Teacher & Assistant 1:11

Other Groups and Ratios are possible under our licence and may operate from time to time to meet specific requirements.

The Centre also provides Before / After School Care and Vacation Care.  Staff / child ratios are maintained as required by the Child Care Regulations, 2003.           

Days /Hours of Operation

The Centre is open Monday to Friday, 51 weeks a year. The centre is closed the week of Christmas and upon review of client need may be closed for an additional period at this time.

The Centre is not open on Public Holidays.  The Centre observes the Logan City Show Day Holiday not the Brisbane Exhibition Holiday.

The Centre opens at 6.30 am and closes at 6.30 pm

Types of Care

Long Day Care caters specifically for working parents/guardians.  Care is available between the hours of 6.30 am to 6.30 pm.  The Centre provides all meals during this time.  Attendance must be booked and charges apply on a daily basis whether the child attends or not, or attends for a part of the day only.  Staff in each age group run a development and/or educational program between the hours of 9.30 am and 3.00 pm

Before / After School Care.  We provide this service for children attending Park Ridge State School and Parklands Christian College.  The children in this program attend the Centre because their parents / guardians are unable to deliver them to school or pick them up after school, usually because of work commitments.  The Before School program allows the children to have breakfast at the Centre (before 7.30am) and then they participate in indoor or outdoor activities.  They are driven to school in the centre bus or car which leaves the Centre at approximately 8.15 am.  In the After School program, children are provided with afternoon tea collected from their respective schools by the Centre bus and delivered to the Centre, arriving at approximately 3.20 - 3.45 pm.  After arriving back to the centre school children participate in programmed activities - sport, games, gardening, etc.  The Centre’s aim is that the children enjoy their time with us.  We are not a school and we do not do school work, although we may supervise homework.  The Centre has the right to refuse care to a child whose behaviour is not appropriate, either on the bus or within the Centre.  

Charges are made based on the following rates:

  • Permanent Before School Care
  • Permanent After School Care
  • Permanent Before and After School Care
  • Casual Before and After School Care (Hourly rate)

Vacation Care is offered each school holiday period.  It is necessary to book your child into this care, as spaces are limited because numbers at the Centre cannot exceed the licensed capacity.  The children are in the care of a suitably qualified person who programs outdoor, indoor and craft activities and also excursions for the children.  Our aim is to make the children’s holiday as enjoyable as possible.  Charges are made on a daily basis. Preference is given to children who have Before and After School Care bookings.

Parent Involvement

We operate an OPEN DOOR POLICY, where parents and family are welcome into the Centre at ANYTIME. Parent participation sends strong positive messages to your child that you support them and are part of the child care environment. There are many levels of PARENT PARTICIPATION and we appreciate that time is of a premium for all parents, but we will be willing to accommodate any form of involvement you may desire to assist you and your child, which will ultimately benefit the whole Centre. The staff sincerely wishes for you and your child to be happy and feel welcomed at our Centre. Be aware that a three way relationship between parents, care givers and the child exists in this setting. Communication is a vital ingredient to the success of this partnership.

We therefore encourage as much parental participation as possible. This is necessary and valuable in gaining input from you, to evaluate our service in accordance with the standards set by the NCAC. All parents will be advised of and welcome to participate in these meetings.

Full Parent involvement in the Centre can be accommodated to meet your availability and commitments. Such as:-

  • Assisting in fundraising
  • Attending Special activities and functions in the Centre
  • Volunteering time
  • Suggestions for programming
  • Feedback of service
  • Attending Parent/Teacher Nights
  • Assisting with the development and review of policies and procedures

Siblings are always welcome in our Centre when children are being dropped off, picked up or attending other Centre functions, however, the staff cannot assume responsibility for them.


Arrival and departure times are valuable opportunities to exchange pertinent information relevant to a particular day.  Parents are welcome visitors at the Centre at any time.

Formal communication (change of information forms, fee queries, payment of fees, etc.) should be conducted through the communication box in the reception area or via email.  In most cases it will be responded to either by email, phone or your parent pocket by the next day.

The Director is available for discussion by appointment at mutually acceptable times.

The Centre provides many opportunities for social and formal interaction during the year, for instance, information nights, excursions, Father’s Day Breakfast (fathers and preschool children only on a Saturday morning), Mother’s Day celebrations (mothers and children only), end of year concert and graduation.

Parents/guardians of children in the babies’ room are given a daily record detailing diet, sleep, nappy changes and temperament.

Each room has a communication folder which parents and staff utilise to pass on information to each other if it is not possible to do so in person.

There is also a parent feedback form located in the foyer which we invite parents/guardians to utilise to offer comments/suggestions both positive and or negative on the program, routine, policies, procedures or anything at all which you think is pertinent.    These forms can be placed in the fees box upon completion.


Group Daily Fee
Babies (10 or 12hr session) $101.00
Toddlers (10 or 12hr session) $98.00
Kindy/Preschool/Vacation (10 or 12hr session) $97.00
Preschool (6hr session) $50.00
Before School Care (2hr session) $26.00
After School Care (3.5hr session) $31.00
Combined Before and After School Care (5.5hr session) $46.00